The Revolutionary Lynx Air Integrated Dive Computer

Liquivision Lynx

The only dive computer that combines the exceptional readability of an OLED screen with wireless air integration and our intuitive patented menu-based tap navigation.  It is all you ever wanted, all you ever needed and more.

The Lynx computer is compatible with the U-2 tank transmitter, which allows you to monitor not only your air supply, but your buddy's air supply and directional location! Revolutionizing the dive computer market, the Lynx computer can monitor up to 10 transmitters at once. Dive Masters can now monitor an entire class right from their wrist and divers can monitor their families or friends as well.

The safety provided by the Lynx is unparalleled by any other dive computer. The ultrasonic technology also won't interfere with strobe or HID lights.

The Lynx is compatible with the L1 location transmitter as well, which can mark the boat or underwater landmarks making it easier to find your way to specific locations.


Liquivision strives to be a leader in the field of high-performance diving equipment. We develop cutting edge technologies for SCUBA and freedivers, and thus provide important tools as they push their limits and those of their sport.

As we innovate, we aim to keep open communication with our customers to continuously perfect our products and respond to user needs. We highly value our customer relationships and strive to provide superior customer support by responding to inquiries/issues as fast and efficiently as possible.

Our Dealers around the globe are of great importance as they connect us with their local diving communities, and help provide personalized customer service. We truly support and appreciate their efforts.